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The eyelets we sell are extremely useful and can be used in a variety of tasks. They make a reinforced hole in your material that will not fray, perfect for use with drawstrings.

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  1. Prym Vario Pliers


    Prym Vario Pliers


    Suggested Uses: Baby's and children's clothing fasteners, decorative fasteners, bag fasteners, belts, awnings and craft projects.

  2. 9mm Univeral Rivets


    9mm Univeral Rivets


    Complete kit including tool and rivets suitable for dressmaking.

  3. Prym Eyelets with Washers Silver 11mm


    Prym Eyelets with Washers Silver 11mm


    Pack of 15

  4. Prym Eyelets with Washers Brass 11mm


More about "Eyelets"

Our eyelets are available in brass and silver, and come complete with a tool to fit your eyelets. Please be aware when measuring up for eyelet curtains that you may need to increase your drop slightly to allow for the fact that eyelet curtains will sit slightly above your pole.

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