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Cushions & Panels

Take a look at our range of beautiful, unique cushion panels. We have a wide variety of designs, including our popular velvet bumblebees.

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  1. Voyage Maison Buzzing Duck Egg Cushion Cover


  2. Voyage Maison Buzzing Linen Cushion Cover


  3. Voyage Maison Bee Linen Cushion Cover


  4. Voyage Maison Simon the English Foxhound Cushion Cover


  5. Voyage Maison Russ the Jack Russel Cushion Cover


  6. Voyage Maison Dax the Jack Russel Cushion Cover


  7. Voyage Maison Jeff the Basset Hound Cushion Cover


  8. Voyage Maison Nikita the Springer Spaniel Cushion Cover


  9. Voyage Maison Frankie the Russel Terrier Cushion Cover


  10. Voyage Maison Wendy the Westie Cushion Cover


  11. Voyage Maison Debbie the Dalmation Cushion Cover


  12. Voyage Maison Magnolia Branch Coral Cushion Cover


  13. Voyage Maison Magnolia Branch Indigo Cushion Cover


  14. Voyage Maison Magnolia Branch Duck Egg Cushion Cover


  15. Voyage Maison Cardonnacum Purple Cushion Cover


  16. Voyage Maison Charlie the Chantilly Tiffany Cushion Cover


  17. Voyage Maison Theresa the Tibeten Terrier Cushion Cover


  18. Voyage Maison Mariel Duck Egg Cushion Cover


  19. Voyage Maison Havana Linen Cushion Cover


  20. Voyage Maison Pheasant Portrait Cushion Cover


  21. Voyage Maison Field of Thistles Plum Cushion Cover


  22. Voyage Maison Field of Thistles Russet Cushion Cover


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  24. Voyage Maison Royal Bengal Charcoal Cushion Cover


  25. Voyage Maison Royal Bengal Dusk Cushion Cover


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