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1. Select your quantity

If you would like more than one curtain or pair then please include this in the comments or use our contact form

2. Which header type would you like?

  • This is the most popular header style. When gathered the pleats should look like rows of pencils lying side by side. The pleats across the top of the curtain are created using a tape which is available in a variety of depths. Generally we use a 3" or 5.5" depth depending on the length of your curtains. For smaller lightweight curtains we also have a 1" or 2" available which create a gather rather than a defined pleat.

    The benefits of a pencil pleat header is flexibility. The width of the curtain can be adjusted depending on how tightly you gather them and there are also different hanging positions available on the tape.

    Please note pencil pleat curtains will be sent flat to avoid creasing. All you need to do is draw up the cord to the desired width before hanging.

  • This is a hand finished heading using a stiffener called buckram to create the pleat rather than a tape which is drawn. The triple pleat is a more formal heading which creates a more luxurious tailored look. As the pleats are hand sewn there is no flexibility to change the width if your curtains once they are made. For this reason it is really important that you provide us with the correct curtain pole length on the form.

    Due to the hooks used to hang the curtains this type of header can only be used with a curtain pole not a track.

    Pinch Pleat curtains require more fabric than pencil pleat to allow for fullness. As the header is also hand sewn the price of pinch pleat curtains is generally twice that of pencil pleat.

  • This header style is created using decorative metal rings which are inserted into the top of the curtain. The way the rings thread onto the pole creates a uniform modern pleat in the curtain.

    Eyelets can only be used with a curtain pole and are available in 40mm, 50mm and 66m diameter. When measuring for eyelet curtains you must measure from the top of the pole to where you would like the curtain to finish. We will then add 3cm onto the length of the curtain to allow for the fabric that will sit above the pole.

    A range of colours and finishes are available.

3. What size do you need?
  • We would advise fitting your pole or track before taking your measurements. The length of your pole or track should be provided as the width measurement.
  • Depending on the size of the window and space available your pole or track should extend around 15 - 20cm either side of your window, and 15cm above the window.
  • Always use a metal tape measure.
  • The length you provide us with should be the finished length you would like your curtain to measure.
  • If using a track, measure from the top of the track to where you would like the curtain to finish.
  • For poles, measure from the metal eyelet on the curtain ring to where you would like the curtains to finish. Unless you would like eyelet curtains in which case measure from the top of the pole.
  • If your curtains will be sitting above a radiator, we recommend they finish 3cm above the top to allow heat to circulate into the room.

4. Type of lining

  • Standard cotton - Our 100% cotton lining is available in four neutral colours. This is a stunning lining with a sateen finish which drapes well and will compliment any curtain fabric.

  • Thermal Blackout - Our thermal blackout lining goes through a three pass process which means the lining not only blocks out light but also helps insulate your room. This is not a stiff or rubbery lining it has a lovely soft finish and hangs beautifully.

    Available in cream or white this lining will work well with any curtain fabric. As it blocks out almost all light it is particularly useful in bedrooms and nurseries.

  • Interlined - Interlining not only adds body to your curtains but the extra layer will also add insulation and help to stop drafts. Our most popular interlining is the medium weight cotton but we also have a heavy weight and synthetic option available.

    All our interlined curtains have hand sewn sides and hems. The finish result is a sumptuous curtain which feels luxurious. Interlining works particularly well to add body to silk curtains.

    (blackout lined as standard)

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