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How to use up fabric scraps.

Here's some inspiration on how to use your scrap bag

There are so many ways you can use up your fabric scraps. For younger children lots of fun can be had cutting and sticking. Why not print off a simple outline of their favorite animal and then let them fill it in with pieces of fabric? If you have some card at home you could also cut out a mask shape which can then be decorated. Any larger pieces going spare in your stash could be used to make a matching cape so they can play super heroes. Perhaps you are planning on using this time at home to teach your children a new skill like sewing. Small scraps are fantastic for patchwork, applique or even making dolly clothes. Let your imaginations run wild and most of all have fun!

I need to stock up my stash!

  1. Voyage Maison Simon the English Foxhound Cushion Cover


  2. Voyage Maison Russ the Jack Russel Cushion Cover


  3. Voyage Maison Dax the Jack Russel Cushion Cover


  4. Voyage Maison Jeff the Basset Hound Cushion Cover


  5. Voyage Maison Nikita the Springer Spaniel Cushion Cover


  6. Voyage Maison Frankie the Russel Terrier Cushion Cover


  7. Voyage Maison Wendy the Westie Cushion Cover


  8. Voyage Maison Debbie the Dalmation Cushion Cover


Why not make a name frame?

Simply cut out the letters you need from the scraps and stick them on to card. Up for more of a challenge? This can also be done with applique and can be a great way to practice different stitch techniques.

  1. C657 Christmas Star Grey Silver


    C657 Christmas Star Grey Silver

    £7.50 / Metre

    100% cotton base with a printed star design, suitable for dressmaking, craft and soft furnishing. 

    Free samples available. 

  2. Gutermann Thread To Match 100m


  3. S110 Large Sheep Dress Cotton


    S110 Large Sheep Dress Cotton

    £8.50 / Metre

    Beautiful dress weight (105gsm) cotton fabric. Suitable for dressmaking, craft & soft furnishings. This design is exclusive to Textile Express. Free samples available. 

  4. Fauna Linen H201


    Fauna Linen H201

    £8.00 / Metre

    Printed 100% cotton fabric suitable for dressmaking and craft. Free samples available.