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Purple Fabric Ideas

Purple curtain fabric gives a room a luxurious and elegant feel.

Purple is extremely glamorous and will work throughout your home from the bedroom to the dining room adding an air of mystique. Aubergine and jewel tones will instantly update a room and look particularly stunning in velvet and silk. Lilacs on the other hand look fantastic in the bedroom creating a light and relaxing atmosphere. Mood Tip: Contrasting yellows and mustards look fantastic with deep purples.

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  1. H346 Spring Puzzle tapestry


    H346 Spring Puzzle tapestry

    £19.50 / Metre

    These lovely tapestries are woven in France with stunning lustrous threads which give the fabric a real jewel like finish. The tapestry construction means this fabric has a lovely body for making luxurious curtains but would also make a wonderful fabric for cushions, throws and other home accessories. 

    The fabric is light weight enough to use in some dressmaking projects, it could make a stunning blazer or pencil skirt as an example. If you wanted to use this fabric for upholstery projects we would happily reccomend it for something like an Ottoman or bedroom chair that is more decoative but wouldnt suggest it for a high use area due to is looser weave construction. 

    Free samples available, any further questions do just let us know.

  2. H345 Provence Damask Purple


    H345 Provence Damask Purple

    £24.00 / Metre

    This beautiful French provence damask would make a real statment piece in any home, its luxurious colour combinations compliment the traditional pattern and its timless design. This fabric would work beautfully in drapes, for curtains and home accesories like cushion or valances.

    We also sell alot of these stunning damasks in to dressmaking and costum design both of which this fabric would be perfect for! 

    Unlike our other Damask ranges the provence damask is wovcen with a Lampas weave giving the background a sumptuous texture.

  3. W49 Festival Stripe Multi


    W49 Festival Stripe Multi

    £9.00 / Metre

    This lovely vibrant woven stripe is perfect for dressmaking, craft, soft furnishings and lightweight curtains. 

    Free samples available. Weight: 240gsm. 

  4. Clarke & Clarke Passiflora Mulberry Velvet


    Clarke & Clarke Passiflora Mulberry Velvet

    £35.00 / Metre

    An iconic feature design for Clarke & Clarke from the first Exotica collection, passionflowers in a trail come to life with new vibrant, jewel colours on a luxe velvet. A popular choice, it's not hard to see why with the sheen of the velvet adding a regal quality to the print in all colour options. This stunning printed velvet is suitable for curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery. 

    Free samples available. 

  5. Tex Ex 2784 Zumba Raspberry


    Tex Ex 2784 Zumba Raspberry

    £8.50 / Metre

    This vibrant floral design is printed on a 100% cotton base cloth and is perfect for curtains, soft furnishings and light upholstery. 

    To view our full range of cotton curtain fabrics click here

    Free samples available. 

  6. B374 Washed Ramie Linen Look Lilac


    B374 Washed Ramie Linen Look Lilac

    £14.00 / Metre

    Ramie is a fantastic eco-friendly cloth which behaves very similarily to linen. It is made from nettles and therefore is a sustainble option as they are easy to grow without the use of chemicals. As ramie shares so many qualities with linen, including a lovely handle and soft drape it can be an ideal choice for curtains and other soft furnishings projects. 

    Ramie is an extremely strong fibe and is also breathable and highly absorbant making it the perfect cloth for dressmaking. With a weight of 255gsm it is the perfect mid weisght cloth for trousers, dresses, shirts and more!

    Free samples available.

  7. Prestigious Santa Maria Bon Bon


    Prestigious Santa Maria Bon Bon

    £14.50 / Metre

    100% Cotton contemporary fabric by Prestigious Textiles. Suitable for curtain and soft furnishing projects. Free samples available.

  8. Clarke & Clarke Strawberry Thief Plum


    Clarke & Clarke Strawberry Thief Plum

    £25.00 / Metre

    Strawberry Thief tells the story of a cheeky, fruit-thieving bird. The most iconic design by William Morris; intricate and highly ornamented, this cherished design is a riot of colour and expressive detail. Clarke & Clarke have celebrated Morris' legacy as a hero of the Arts & Crafts movement with a hand-picked selection of his best-loved designs. Now with a reduced scale with enhanced versatility, this classic design is perfect for your curtain or upholstery project.

    Free samples available.

    This is a warehouse item, please allow 2-3 working days for dispatch.

Purple Curtain Fabric Inspiration

We have pulled together a few of our favorite purple curtain fabrics to help inspire you. From textured plains to funky prints every item selected is something we love and we hope you do too!

  1. S202 Remi Mulberry


    S202 Remi Mulberry

    £13.50 / Metre

    Cotton mix printed fabric, suitable for curtains, occasional upholstery and soft furnishings. Free samples available.

  2. ILiv Spotty Acanthus


    ILiv Spotty Acanthus

    £12.50 / Metre

    Part of the Imprint collection this lovely design is inspired by the artisan techniques of block printing. Printed on sustainable cotton this fabric is suitable for curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery. Free Samples Available. 

    The fabric has been produced as part of the BCI or better cotton initiative. This is is a global not-for-profit organisation and the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

    This is a warehouse item, please allow 48hrs for dispatch.

  3. Clarke & Clarke Alvar Amethyst


    Clarke & Clarke Alvar Amethyst

    £14.00 / Metre

    Available in a wide range of sumptuous shades, this rich cotton-like velvet can be used for a variety of projects, including curtains, dressmaking, soft furnishings and upholstery. .Free Samples Available.


    Warehouse stock item, please allow 48 hours for dispatch.

  4. Sanem Plum O6


    Sanem Plum O6

    £5.00 / Metre

    Exotic Turkish velvet, suitable for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. Free Samples Available.