Tape Measures

Hirram Farrand received the patent for his tape measure in 1922, following this he worked with The Brown Company and together they became the first people to mass produce the tape measure which has become such a vital part of any sewing kit today.

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  1. Prym Profi Sewing Tape Measure 150cm 60inch
  2. Prym Sewing Tape Measure 254cm 100inch

    Prym Sewing Tape Measure 254cm 100inch

    High quality Prym Fibre Glass Tape Measure. 254cm - 100", handy for all your craft andsewing projects.

  3. Prym Sew & Knit Gauge

    Prym Sew & Knit Gauge

    Sewing Gauge for Hems, Buttonholes, Scallops, Pleats