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Fray Check

Ideal for seams, hems, button holes and a variety of other dressmaking needs, fray check is a fantastic product to have in your sewing kit.

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  1. Gutermann Textile Glue  30g


    Gutermann Textile Glue 30g


    Adhesive for Fabrics, Applique, Leather, PVC and much more.

  2. Prym Fray Check


    Prym Fray Check


    For Seams, Hems, Collars & Cuffs.

  3. Iron On Repair Tape


    Iron On Repair Tape


    Repair tape suitable for fixing holes and tears in fabric.

More about "Fray Check"

Fray check is also fantastic for use during appliqué work and is resistant to repeated washing and cleaning.

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