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Stretch fabric

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Stretch fabric is a relatively new invention which has only become widely used in garment making since the 1990's. The name given to the synthtic fibre which created the elasticity in textiles is spandex, an anogram of expands, although it is more commonly known in Britain as elastane or lycra. Most commonly used in sports clothing, spandex is becoming more widely used. Mixed with other fibres such a denim and corduroy it can greatly improve the fit and comfort of the clothes.

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  1. Snakeskin Jersey Nude U97


    Snakeskin Jersey Nude U97

    £8.50 / Metre

    Printed poly lycra jersey, suitable for dressmaking and craft. Free samples available. 

  2. Teddy Bear Coating  Cream C396


    Teddy Bear Coating Cream C396

    £9.50 / Metre

    Teddy bear fabric suitable for dressmaking, craft and soft furniture. Free samples available.