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Corduroy Fabric

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Corduroy is effectively a riged form of velvet. It is produced using twisted fibres, which when woven lie parallel to one another to produce this fabrics distinct pattern. The ridges in the cloth are referred to as wales. The number of wales in a inch determines the size of the cord e.g a standard cord is around 8 wale, while softer baby or needle cord will be around 16 wale. Corduroy is extremely durable and is used not only in dressmaking but also in soft furnishings and upholstery.

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  1. Dotty Needlecord Black I125


    Dotty Needlecord Black I125

    £7.50 / Metre

    100% Cotton needlecord fabric, suitable for dressmaking and craft. Free samples available.

  2. Polka Dot Medium Corduroy Brown Tex Ex 1545


    Polka Dot Medium Corduroy Brown Tex Ex 1545

    £7.50 / Metre

    100% Cottoncorduroy fabric. Suitable for dressmaking, craft, cushions and soft furnishing. Free samples available.